U41- 6A are a smart TV Box based on Android 5.1 OS. Very good WiFi and Bluetooth sensetivitywith external Dual Antenna. The speed of network can up to 1300Mb,  this devices Can watch 4K TV, Play 3D Game etc.also Can support DVB receiver. The device is not a TV cable box, but rather anAndroid based internet entertainment multimedia streaming devie.

U41- 6A is an open architecturedevice which allows you to download and install third party software add- ons ofyour choice, Please be advised that the device does not have any affilicationor supports the third party add- on sources readily available through out theinternet, It is at your sole discretion as to which third party add-ons youchoose to install. The reliability of such add-ons are in no way a reflectionof the device operating capabilities, Much like a computer laptop has thirdarty applications, which at times may become corrupted you must reinstall yourchosen add-ons, the device warranty does not cover your personally installedadd-ons, but does cover the physical hardware, There are third party companiesthat are dedicated to the installation and customization of add-ons should youfind that you can not do it yourself.